Executive Search Process

As a staffing support firm, RTA offers the following advantages.  Resource Technology Associates, LLC candidate development
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  • We become your partner in the the hiring process.  
  • We provide dedicated effort; we focus exclusively on your recruitment needs.
  • There are no surprises. We work with you to set expectations and budget at inception.
  • Choose one of our standard programs, or let us customize one that suits your needs.
  • We present only interested candidates with the expertise you seek.
  • Candidates are presented to you and to you alone.
  • With many of our programs, you can hire one or more candidates at no additional fee.
  • You'll receive the exclusive RTA "Resource Report," a valuable tool which includes documented conversations and solid marketplace information to utilize now and for future needs.



The Service Quality of an Executive Search Firm, with more Flexibility

Recruiting Agencies

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Executive Search Experience

Service Across The Spectrum

RTA dedicated, focused service is performed by highly-qualified professional recruiters  with recruitment experience across  a variety of disciplines and technologies.

RTA has a history of supporting clients across all industries, including:

You Can Rely On Our Proven Process.  

Following these steps in the process, we recruit candidates exclusively for you:

  • Identify the competitive target market

  • Search for individuals with your defined skill set
  • Market your opportunity
  • Perform a thorough phone interview with interested individuals
  • Present only qualified, interested candidates
  • Coordinate the interview process
  • Provide on-going project updates
  • Assist with employment-offer presentation
  • Provide Resource Report upon project completion. 

Our approach is outbound, and is more likely to reach the hard-to-find, passive candidates. We do not maintain a ready database of prospects, but instead work hard on your behalf to search for the best employees.


Executive Search Promise


We Will Execute Every Assignment With Care:


  • RTA will provide structure to the recruitment activity.

  • RTA will partner with client to establish realistic expectations.

  • RTA will provide consultation regarding program selection/customization.

  • RTA will assist and confirm the recruitment "message."


  • RTA will provide appropriate resources for each project.

  • RTA will provide consultative communication.

  • RTA will customize communication frequency and content to client needs.

  • RTA will apply an interactive format, allowing for mid-stream adjustments.