Contingent Staffing Support
Get Professional On-Site Staffing Support

JRA Consulting Services, Inc. (JRA) was established in 1997 as a subsidiary of Resource Technology Associates, LLC (RTA).

Through interaction with HR and Staffing professionals as clients for over twenty years, our management gained a comprehensive understanding of both client and personal career needs.

Through this exchange, enabled by the development of excellent business relationships, 
JRA was able to establish a network of skilled HR and Staffing individuals who opted to pursue careers as consultants.

The establishment of 
JRA recognized that client's on-site needs required a business model that differed from RTA's approach.

Since its establishment, JRA has independently developed a network of HR and Staffing professionals for permanent positions and consulting assignments.

HR professionals are available immediately, offering expertise in:

  • Staffing (Technical, IT, General)
  • Employee Relations
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Training & Organizational Development
  • Labor Relations

On-site program options include contract, contract-to-permanent, or permanent placements. Obligations such as withholding, unemployment insurance, social security and benefits are borne and administered by JRA. You get the benefit of an HR specialist without doing all the work of recruitment, hiring and payroll.

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