​​"We appreciated RTA's timely turnaround."

"We use 
RTA's services for our seventy-six facilities that are located nationwide. Working with RTA is very cost-effective and we find them to be very quick on turnaround. When you're recruiting as many people as we are, that's very important.

"I have used 
RTA over the years in several different industry categories: I have worked in pharmaceutical, fast food, market research and now in banking. RTA is very good at recruiting across a variety of industries.

"At our bank, we have had a tremendous amount of success with 
RTA. They have helped us locate people who are hard to find. For example, it is very tough to fill bank teller positions. RTA has been able to assist us in this and many other areas. I expect that we will always work with RTA on an on-going basis."

Vice President, Human Resources
Bank and Trust Company

Our experience supporting high-profile companies proves that our process works; that our dedication yields results. We're proud of the success we've had over the years. The following testimonials are good examples of what clients have said:

"RTA only sends us people who are truly qualified."

"Our company manufactures highly-engineered products, including electrical circuit boards and drives for high-powered equipment. Many of the employees we seek to hire are in specialized fields.

"Our company has worked with 
RTA for about three years. We like the fact that RTA only sends us people who are truly qualified. It's nice to be assured that they are not just working from a data base. RTA is flexible. They're willing to provide the services we need. For example, they have helped us with internet posting and searching, which has saved us a lot of time. We have also used their on-site services. The on-site person who worked with us was very qualified and was able to come in and help us right away.

RTA has always worked hard for us, and they have helped us fill a wide variety of positions within our company. They are very good about documenting the work they do. RTA is ready to provide assistance whenever we need it."

Human Resources Supervisor  
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National Corporation  
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​​​"RTA has a real partnership mentality."

"We work with 
RTA because they are very responsive to our needs. They have a real partnership mentality which we appreciate because we often have a very short hiring cycle. RTA is good at going after the passive job market. They have helped us find people at many different job levels. They are very good at processing qualified candidates for us. "RTA's research is invaluable. Through their efforts, we have gained current labor market intelligence. They have helped us understand where we should be spending more time in our recruitment."

Human Resource Lead Person
Major HR Consulting & Benefit Outsourcing Firm

What our clients are saying about us ...

​​"Working with RTA is like having extra eyes and ears."

RTA is very flexible. They offer standard programs but if those don't fit what we need, they are willing to accommodate and change to meet our requirements.

"As a national provider of broad band internet services, we have four major facilities and many smaller field offices. Typically, our group hires about 800 to 1,000 people every year and 
RTA is able to help us fill positions all around the country. We have used their services for a variety of job levels.

"It's difficult finding qualified employees in today's labor market. Working with 
RTA is like having extra eyes and ears. We have been very successful in our recruitment efforts, thanks to RTA."

Manager of Recruiting
Communications Firm

​​"RTA offers a much better recruitment value."

"In our company, we have a staggering number of hires every year. We have hired more than 1800 employees so far this year for one division alone! What we like about 
RTA is that they focus on partnering with us to meet our needs. They can produce multiple candidates, and we can hire one or more at the same cost. In the long run, the cost with RTA is not nearly as high as with contingency recruitment firms. RTA offers a much better recruitment value.

RTA is very responsive. They provide timely, personalized service, and we have never had to put off a project. They are always willing to sit down and meet with us to discuss our recruitment needs.

"Our company sells, installs and services building automation systems, including HVAC, lighting, fire protection, electrical, and security systems. We believe that the labor shortage is the most critical business factor facing us right now. The number one thing that holds any company back from reaching its goals and potential is finding the required number of qualified employees. We have had good success with 
RTA and we will continue to turn to them for recruitment help in the future."

Manager, Field Recruiting and Staffing
Major Controls Manufacturer

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