Full Cycle Recruitment Program

Full Cycle Recruitment


Our full cycle recruitment programs share this service platform, but differ in the level of budget control offered to clients. In general, full cycle programs are designed to cover specific position, full cycle outsourced recruitment efforts for a period of up to 90 days.

Signature Search
One-time engagement fee due at project inception. The project can be extended at 30 day intervals, subject to a continuation fee.

Success One
Offers a balance of retained and contingent attributes, includes initial fee and success fee. 

Progressive 30
invoices in 3 equal payments beginning with project inception, client can choose not to continue before the 30th and 60th days.

Progressive 45
Invoiced at project inception and at 45 days, client can choose not to continue before the 45th day.

Progressive 60
Invoiced at project inception and at 60, client can choose not to continue before the 60th day.

**Project completion with a hire accelerates invoicing.

RTA works closely with each client to establish proper expectations at the start of each assignment.


  • Analysis of market and competition.  

  • Comprehensive job scoping for each targeted position

  • Assignment of dedicated team of experienced recruiters


  • Targeted, pro-active, outbound identification and candidate contact.
  • Interview candidates (via phone) to determine interest and qualifications based on specifications provided.  


  • Present qualified and interested candidates for further interviews
  • Weekly progress updates to the HR team, including ​obstacles and learnings
  • Make modifications, as needed, and approved by the client
  • Summary Candidate Database of all candidates provided for future use

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